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About Credit Union of Ohio

Our Mission

"The mission of all team members at Credit Union of Ohio is to improve our members' standards of living and better their lifestyles." That's a unique mission statement for a financial institution. Some strive to be the preferred financial provider for their members or customers. That's nice, but it only addresses success from their side of the equation.

We believe our success can only be defined by how successful you are. When you're financially thriving, we have accomplished our mission.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are very different financial institutions compared to traditional banks. Credit Union of Ohio is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned by the people who save and borrow with us. Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union operates solely for the member's benefit and not for a privileged group of stockholders. The volunteer board of directors is made up of members who are democratically elected by their peers to serve a three-year term. These elected directors are your governing voice in the credit union and act on your behalf to create and maintain a sound, stable cooperative.

Credit Union History

Credit Union of Ohio was organized in 1967 to serve employees of the State of Ohio. Originally named State Employees Credit Union, over the years, the membership has grown more diverse--adding related groups and communities. The credit union members felt it was necessary for our name to reflect the members that we serve. Therefore, on July 1, 2003, the members voted to changed the name to Credit Union of Ohio.

Annual Reports

As a member-owned cooperative, Credit Union of Ohio holds transparency and accountability in high regard. Therefore, we make annual reports and monthly financial statements available to any interested parties. To view, click on the link (note: you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader). Additional financial statements and information about Credit Union of Ohio may be obtained on the National Credit Union Administration website.

Monthly Financial Statements

For annual reports older than 2020, please contact the credit union.

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