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Make a Payment Options

Loan Payment Options

Online Loan Payments

Schedule recurring payments or make a one-time payment on your CUO loans conveniently and securely using our Online Loan Payment portal.

Sign In to Schedule Recurring Payments  Make a One-Time Payment

External Accounts

Use your account at another financial institution to make recurring or one-time payments to your CUO loans. To get started, please be sure to have your non-CUO account number and routing number available and either call us at 800.443.5698 or visit one of our branches.

Online Banking / Mobile App

You can easily make instant, on-demand payments to your CUO loan or credit card using Online Banking and our Mobile app. Simply log in to your account and make a transfer from your savings, checking, or other account directly into your loan or credit card. You can even schedule recurring payments

Payroll Deduction

If you have your payroll set up for direct deposit into a CUO account, you can request to have a portion of the deposit automatically transferred to pay on your loan when your payroll is deposited into the account. To set up payroll deduction on your loans, please call 800.443.5698 or complete this form and return it via email or by dropping it off at one of our branches.

Please note: If you change employers or employment status, you may need to update your payroll deduction to ensure your loan is still being paid on time. Please call 800.443.5698 if you have any questions or require assistance.

Pay by Phone*

Call 800.443.5698 to pay your CUO loans over the phone! Our staff can help guide you through a few different options to pay your loans over the phone including:

  • Transferring from your CUO accounts
  • Pay with a non-CUO debit card
  • Pay with non-CUO accounts

*Please note: there is a $4.95 fee to pay on your loan using a non-CUO debit card.