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At Credit Union of Ohio our mission is to improve your standard of living and better your lifestyle. We define financial success by the success of our members.  As a result, you see better rates, low-cost and no-cost services, free financial education, rewards, and more.  While we offer the same services as the other guys, our approach differs because you are the owner.  Aren't you looking for something different?  The smart money is here.


What kind of saver are you?

Simple Savers

Who is a Simple Saver?

A Simple Saver is someone who is starting at the ground floor with their savings.  They’re working to build their nest egg or perhaps are saving for a short-term goal or one-time purchase.  We all have to start somewhere.  Pinching pennies adds up over time and small changes will be less disruptive to your lifestyle.  Saving is also a family affair, involving parents and kids.  Saving takes discipline, commitment, and the right accounts.  You’re starting small, but we’re here to help you get started.

Serious Saver

Who is a Serious Saver?

A Serious Saver is someone who has saved regularly, building larger balances as a result.  Serious Savers consider long-term and short-term savings goals and diversify their savings across different accounts, according to their needs—immediate access, earning higher dividends, large balances, etc.  Serious Savers are also savvy spenders, resisting impulse purchases and carefully examining the item’s value before parting with their hard-saved money.  Saving takes discipline, commitment, and the right accounts.  You’re serious about saving, and we’re serious too.
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Not Sure

Don’t Know What Kind of Saver You Are?

Maybe you have a little money saved, but it’s just sitting there.  It’s time to get your money working for you.  What do you want to accomplish with saving?  Is it short-term goals (like saving for Christmas each year) or long-term goals (like saving for your child’s college education)?  How often you’re saving—every paycheck or when you find coins in the couch cushions?  And finally when will you need your savings—monthly or some distant time?  Whatever your answers are to these questions, we’re here help. Learn More >