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Free Shared Branching

What is Shared Branching?

Whether you're on vacation, away at college or just on the other side of town, you can conduct your transactions just as you normally would at Credit Union of Ohio branches. We've partnered with thousands of credit unions nationwide to form a shared network of branches.  Seem strange?  Not really--cooperation with each other is what credit unions do best.  And there's no charge for using Shared Branching.

Find a Shared Branch

How to Use a Shared Branch

Let the teller know you would like to perform a Shared Branching transaction.  They will ask you what credit union (Credit Union of Ohio), give your member number, and present your ID.  If you wish to open a new account or apply for a loan, call or come visit us directly.  Below is a list of available Shared Branching transactions: 

  • Account Balance Inquiries
  • Withdrawals--Cash or Checks*
  • Deposits--Cash or Checks, Including Cash Back**
  • Loan Payments--Cash or Checks (no payoffs)
  • Transfers

The following transactions are at the discretion of the specified Shared Branch:

  • Check Cashing†
  • Credit Union Investment Account Inquiries
  • Travelers Check & Money Order Purchasing (subject to fees)

PLEASE NOTE: Availability of funds deposited to your account will depend on your credit union’s policy. Funds may not be immediately available. Deposits will be accepted in U.S. currency only.  The Shared Branching network is different and separate from all surcharge-free ATM networks.  A financial institution may or may not belong to both networks.  You should verify their participation in either network before you utilize their facilities. *Withdrawals are up to your available balance. Advance notice is preferred if withdrawing a large amount.**Cash back is dependent on the previous balance in your account. The maximum amount back is the amount previously available in your account. †Check-Cashing: Checks will be deposited and withdrawn. The amount withdrawn must be equal to or less than your previous account balance, unless the check is “immediate”. Immediate checks are as follows: cashier checks, traveler’s checks, government checks, recognizable major company payroll checks, Federal Reserve on Federal Home Loan Bank checks; checks presented that are written to one person, payable to a second person, and endorsed by a third person will not be cashed; drafts written directly off of your share draft account will not be cashed. A withdrawal from your account will be done instead.