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Silver Advantage

Whether you're working toward retirement or just looking for another earning opportunity, our SILVER Advantage checking account gives our senior members more for their money.


Take advantage of an account that earns interest and gives you freedom. With retirement comes fixed-incomes and earning interest is important. Our ADVANTAGE Checking* includes:

  • Earning a competitive interest rate
  • Online Bill Pay and Account Access
  • One, free box of checks annually (standard style only)

*To qualify for this account, member must have Direct Deposit of at least $500 monthly.


Whether you have retired or are planning for it, one of the most important things you can do is make sure your finances are in order. Now is the time to evaluate any current loans you may have to make sure you are getting the best rate. That way you can get them paid off faster. Take advantage of our low, loan rates and also a 0.50% discount on your loan rate as an ADVANTAGE member*.

*Loan discount applies to auto, personal, RV, boat and motorcycle only and does not apply to real estate or credit cards. In order to receive the loan discount, you must have an ADVANTAGE Checking.

ADVANTAGE Certificates:

Whether you are looking to save money for a short or long period of time, we have certificate accounts from 3-60 months. As an ADVANTAGE member you can increase your certificate amount by 0.10% APY. Check our certificate rates here.

*In order to receive the certificate increases, you must have an ADVANTAGE Checking.

*All benefits can be enjoyed by the individual retiree or members 55+ years of age and terminate only upon death or account closure. Benefits can only be used if the retiree is the primary owner of an account and/or borrower on a loan.

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