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The health and safety of our employees and members is our top priority. Due to increasing numbers, we have made the decision that branches will be open by appointment only effective, Monday, November 23. More info here.

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Savings & Investments Accounts

Whether you're saving for vacation, unexpected expenses–or you simply want to teach your child how to budget, you’ll find the right account at Credit Union of Ohio. Our savings solutions will help you secure your finances and grow your money over time. It’s time to get your money working for you. Whatever your savings goal, we’re here to help. Take a look at our savings and investment accounts and find the one that’s right for you.


All our savings and investment accounts are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration to at least $250,000 and are backed with the full faith and credit of the government.

Check out this easy-to-read comparison chart of all Credit Union of Ohio savings & investment accounts:






Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)

Account Details

For small savers just starting a regular savings program, this is a great way to start off right.

A tiered account for serious savers who only need limited access but want higher dividends.

A variety of terms are available for anyone who wants to put money aside and let it grow without any work.

Great for anyone, these accounts really jumpstart a savings program, even for the youngest in your family.

With Traditional and Roth IRA options, these accounts are an ideal solution to help save for the future.

Account Types Available

  • Regular - every member is required to open a primary share savings as their share of ownership in the credit union.
  • Regular
  • Young Adult - for ages 18-24
  • Regular - variety of terms from 3 to 60 months.
  • Bump Up - 20-mo. or 30-mo. terms; jump to the current rate, up to 1.00% anytime during the term.
  • Educational Growth - fixed rate and matures on your child's 18th birthday
  • Christmas Club - matures on the first business day of Oct.; funds automatically transferred to share savings for access.
  • Youth - for ages 12 and under.
  • Teen - for ages 13 - 17.
  • Young Adult - for ages 18 - 24

Opened as a Traditional or Roth, options include:

  • Savings
  • Certificates - variety of terms from 3 to 60 months.

Minimum to Open

$5 (Regular)

Varies with type1

Varies with type2


$25 (Savings)
$100 (Certificates)

Dividend Compounding




*except Educational Growth Certificate which is monthly.


Monthly (Savings)

Quarterly (Certificates)

Funds Accessibility

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals3

Up to 6 withdrawals or transfers; deposits unlimited

Funds are locked in until account maturity

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals3

Limited contributions and disbursements4

How to Access Funds

  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Teller
  • ATM5


  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Teller


  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Teller
  • ATM5
  • Branch

Additional Benefits

• Dividends paid earn PridePoint Rewards.6

• Build with payroll deduction.

• Federally insured.

• Dividends paid earn PridePoint Rewards.6

• Build with payroll deduction.

• Federally insured.

• Increase your rate by 0.25% by using PridePoint Reward at opening.

• Dividends paid earn PridePoint Rewards.6

• Federally insured.

• Dividends paid on Christmas Club and Young Adult Savings earn PridePoint Rewards.6

• Build with payroll deduction.

• Federally insured.

• Contributions may be tax deductible7

• Federally insured.

1-Money Market Acct minimum opening deposit:  Regular - $2,500; Young Adult - $1,000.
2-Certificate Acct minimum opening deposit:  Regular - $500; IRA - $100; Bump Up:  20-mo - $5,000 and 30-mo - $10,000; Educational Growth - $200.
3-Certain transactions are limited by federal regulations. Refer to your Account Disclosure for more information.
4-Contributions are limited by federal regulations. Excess contributions may result in a tax penalty. Refer to the IRA Application agreement for more information.
5-ATM cards are available with Regular Share Savings, Youth Club, Teen Club, and Young Adult Savings Accounts only; there is a $1 monthly charge and a limit of two free ATM transactions per month, then $2 each.  If you need more ATM access, we recommend opening a checking account.  
6-PridePoint Rewards - dividend rate bonuses are available for Regular, IRA, and Bump Up Certificates only; must be at least age 18 to earn points.
7-Consult a tax advisor to learn more about the differences in tax benefits between Traditional and Roth IRAs.

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