Savings & insured investments


Studies show that America's personal savings rates have been in a slump for many years.  But people are getting back to baiscs with a dedicated savings plan.  You don't have to earn six figures in order to build personal wealth.  Whatever your goals, you'll find the right account to achieve them at Credit Union of Ohio.  Here are some simple tips to help get you started saving:

  1. Pay yourself first.  When payday comes, a portion of your paycheck goes directly into savings.
  2. Reduce debt.  Along with saving extra money, you have to work on reducing your debt.
  3. Create a spending plan.  Knowing where your money is going will help you make corrections in overspending.
  4. Start as a small saver, then get serious.  Everybody has to start somewhere.  Start with your kids and help them grow into serious savers.  You'll grow into a serious saver in the process.