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FRAUD ALERT: Spoofing Calls

Please be advised we are currently seeing an increase in scammers spoofing the phone numbers and pretending to be the Fraud Department of various financial institutions, including Credit Union of Ohio.

By posing as these financial institutions, these scammers are convincing people to provide personal information such as online banking login credentials, credit or debit card numbers, social security numbers, and PINs.

While Credit Union of Ohio has measures in place to protect your accounts, it is important to remain vigilant. If you receive a phone call or text message you weren’t expecting asking you to provide sensitive personal information, this is a definite red flag. Financial institutions will never ask for your information in this manner, so you should hang up or delete the text.

You may be asked to verify confidential information if you contact Credit Union of Ohio, but we will never ask for this information when contacting you. If you feel unsure or suspicious, hang up and type out our phone number yourself to call us at 614.487.6650 or 800.443.5698.

Please note:

If you call CUO, we may request personal information to verify your identity including:

  • Member Number
  • Last 4 digits of your social security number (never the full number)
  • Your address
  • Your birthday

We will never ask for the following:

  • Your credit or debit card PIN
  • Your credit or debit card CVV
  • Your online banking login information
  • Any two-factor authentication codes

What to do:

  • If you receive a text from someone claiming to be CUO or another financial institution asking you to sign in or provide personal information, delete it.
  • If you have not signed up for Informational Alerts from CUO, do not respond to any text messages claiming to be CUO.
  • If you receive a phone call from a financial institution and doubt the legitimacy, hang up and call the financial institution directly using a number you trust.
  • If you believe you are the victim of fraud or that someone is attempting to access your personal information, contact us immediately. Call 614.487.6650 or 800.443.5698.