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Thank You for Your Service


Join us in thanking the members of the Credit Union of Ohio Board of Directors for their guidance and unfailing commitment to the credit union philosophy.  The Board of Directors is democratically-elected by the membership to serve an unpaid, volunteer term.  This structure is what makes credit unions so different from for-profit banks, and ensures that that the credit union's "people helping people" philosophy remains as relevant today as it was in 1967 when CUO formed.

The following is an attendance report for each board member for 2021:

  • Aristotle H.:  11 of 12
  • Beth C.:  10 of 12
  • Danny B.:  10 of 12
  • Debra L.:  11 of 12
  • Jonna S.:  12 of 12
  • Sylvester P.:  11 of 12
  • Tahsin H.: 10 of 12

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