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Same Day ACH Debits


Changes are coming to the way you authorize businesses to post withdrawals to your account as lag time between your transaction and it clearing your account will happen much sooner starting on September 15.  The Federal Reserve will now start processing same-day ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits.  With this change debits you have authorized to withdraw from your account may post any time on a particular business day. This can happen with your debit card or by using a check. 


Be Prepared:

  1. Prepare for your funds to clear immediately following your purchase or payment.

  2. Track and Balance – keep track of your purchases by using Online Banking and CUO’s Mobile App.  Be sure to look at your “available” amount and not the “balance”.  The “balance” will not show the “holds” that may be placed on your account from a debit transaction. 

  3. CUO has no control over when your transactions clear your account. Businesses will schedule their batches as they see fit.

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