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OSU and State of Ohio Payroll Changes




The Ohio State University Faculty and Staff

Here are simple steps to continue having a deduction to CUO:

  1. Login to Employee Self Service, using the link for General Use.
  2. Click on Direct Deposit
  3. Enter the credit union deposit as a direct deposit. You will need the routing number 244077886 and your account number (can be found on your statement).
  4. If you have an allocation (money going to more than one account, or to a loan) please contact the credit union informing us that you want to continue with this deduction.


State of Ohio Employees

 In order to continue your deduction you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit myohio and input the total amount of money you currently have deducted to CUO. (See CrU Ohio on your pay stub). (Credit Union of Ohio routing# 244077886)
  2. Contact CUO to continue your current allocations if you have money going into more than one account such as Christmas Club, loans, etc.

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Important Account Information

Credit Union of Ohio is bringing you a technology upgrade!

It’s important to note that you will have limited access with your accounts December 1 – 2.  We appreciate your understanding as we take our tech game to the next level by bringing you a new mobile app and online and phone banking services.

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