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03-04-2011: FRAUD WATCH: E-mail Survey Scam


March 4, 2011

Credit Union of Ohio is aware that consumers have received a fraudulent e-mail asking them to take a survey for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).  The NCUA is the federal regulator for credit unions.  Fraudsters are generating random e-mails to anyone in the hopes of stealing your personal information.  This scam is not a result of a data breach at Credit Union of Ohio.

The e-mail asks consumers to take the survey and enter their debit or credit card information to receive a $50 credit.  Do not click on this link or enter your personal information.  Legitimate financial institutions and their regulators do not ask consumers for personal information, such as debit or credit card numbers, for the purposes of surveys or to reactivate accounts--two very common tactics.

What to do if you responded:
Contact your financial institution directly using the local phone number provided in your statements, and report any information you might have provided.  Also, run a virus scan on your computer to ensure that it is free of malware intended to steal further information from you.

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