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As a credit union, we help members build a solid foundation of credit in an affordable, fair, and responsible environment. Our earnings are returned to members (not Wall Street) in the form of lower loan rates. Check it out and see how much we can save you!

We also offer e-Signature which allows you to sign loan documents at your convenience - anywhere, anytime.

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Additional Conveniences

Online Skip-A-Pay

Waive your payments for eligible CUO installment loans as needed through Online Banking.*

Need help with Online Skip-A-Pay? Call or text us at 800.443.5698.

Mobile app

Download our mobile app to make or schedule your loan payments and monitor your credit cards from anywhere. Plus, freeze and unfreeze your credit cards on-demand!

Download the app today by searching “Credit Union of Ohio mobile app” in your app store.

PLEASE NOTE:  By taking advantage of Online Skip-A-Pay, your loan term will be extended by one month. Also, the final payment on your loan may vary from what is stated on your original loan contract, as interest will continue to accrue.

*To qualify for deferment, loans must meet the following criteria: has been open for at least 6 months, not delinquent, remaining balance of $200.00 or greater, monthly payment of $100.00 or greater, and loan is not a credit card, line of credit, HELOC, or written-off loan.

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