you save or we pay you $50!

Call or stop by any of our branches.  We'll review your loans at other financial institutions.  We'll either find a way to save you money on your loans, or we'll pay you $50!  It's that simple--either way, you'll walk out with more money in your pocket.  Check it out and see how much we can save you!  (Don't forget about your PridePoint Member Rewards--you can lower your rate on Auto and Personal Loans by 0.25% or 0.50%.)



PROMOTION RULES AND CONDITIONS:  The $50.00 incentive is for a limited time and is subject to change without notice.  Limit one financial review per person. Members must be in good standing and meet minimum borrowing requirements and creditworthiness requirements.  Credit Union of Ohio will review all loans on member's credit report held at other financial institutions to determine if we can save them at least $50 across all loans.  This excludes student loans. Loan must have a balance and be from another financial institution.  This excludes all loans with Credit Union of Ohio.  Credit cards will be calculated based on the assumption of a continuous balance.  This excludes 0% and introductory rate offers.
Promotion requires documented approval to pull a credit report.  To qualify for a credit report pull, you must be a current member or must be eligible for membership. The $50 incentive does not apply if the credit union can save member a minimum of $50.00 interest over the life of the loan(s).  If member voluntarily chooses not to refinance, but we have met the $50.00 minimum savings over the life of the loan(s), they will not receive the $50.00 incentive. If the credit review indicates the credit union is unable to save the member a minimum of $50.00 interest over the life of the loan(s) as a result of refinancing one or more of their loans from other financial institutions to a new CUO loan, $50.00 will be deposited into their Credit Union of Ohio Share Account within five business days of requested documentation.