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PridePoint Member Rewards

What are PridePoints?

Just like your favorite airline keeps track of the miles you fly, the PridePoints program keeps track of your contribution to your financial cooperative. The more business you do with your credit union, the more you contribute to the cooperative; the more PridePoints you earn. It's that simple!

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PROGRAM RULES AND CONDITIONS: Credit Union of Ohio's PridePoint Member Rewards program is open to members of the credit union, in good standing, age 18 and older. Communications about the program, including changes, will be done primarily online. By becoming a member of the credit union and by using this program, you agree to current and future rules of the program.

For a rate bonus, you must cash in points at the time of loan application or account opening. Existing loans/accounts are excluded. Points are one-time only awards, except on monthly interest paid or annual membership anniversary. All points expire three years from when they are earned. Members under 18 do not earn PridePoint Rewards. If you close your primary share account for any reason, you forfeit all points you may have accumulated, even if you re-open your primary share account at a later date, previously-earned points will not be reinstated.

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