Financial Counseling

In this current environment, many members have questions about their financial well-being. How can you prepare for your child's college education? How should you prepare for retirement? Or what should you do if you lose your job or have a family illness?  As a credit union, we're committed to helping you! Our experienced, on-staff certified financial counselorwill work with you to develop a plan. We offer several services to meet your needs, and best of all, it's completely free:

  • Credit Report Review
  • Basic Budgeting
  • Money Management
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Pre- and Post-Foreclosure Counseling
  • Debt Reduction Counseling

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Financial Workshops

Throughout the year Credit Union of Ohio holds financial education classes at our branches. Space is usually limited, so you are encouraged to make reservations. You also have the option to schedule a workshop for employees at your own office, open to all employees regardless if they are a member.  Each workshop is approximately 60 minutes but can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Here are a few of the workshops we offer:

  • Demystifying Credit Scores
  • Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores
  • Creating a Spending Plan
  • Smart Ways to Manage Debt
  • Getting Ready to Buy a Home
  • Understanding Mortgage Loans

To view a list of our upcoming workshops, please visit our event calender.

If you'd like to view a  list of our financial education workshop topics please click here. If you are interested in attending a workshop or scheduling one for your office, please contact our Financial Counselor

Credit Union of Ohio is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with Trinity Debt Management, based out of Cincinnati, OH.  Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization that has expertise in easing debt concerns.  Whether you need help with creating a simple spending plan or a more intensive debt management program, Trinity has already saved Credit Union of Ohio members thousands of dollars.

Trinity Debt Management


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