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Welcome Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union (PDFCU) Members!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Credit Union of Ohio, we're excited to welcome you to your new credit union. We believe Together is Better and can't wait to have you explore some new offerings now available to you.

If you have any questions about your accounts and what changes you may see, we are happy to assist you. You can reach our Call Center between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday - Thursday, on Fridays from 8:30am - 5pm, and on Saturdays from 9am - 1pm.

Additionally, you can download our Financial Services Guide including important information about the weekend of April 29 or review some of the most common questions below.

General Information

Who is Credit Union of Ohio (CUO)?

Headquartered in Central Ohio, CUO has been serving its members and community since 1967. We currently serve all of Cuyahoga, Mahoning, Trumbull, Fairfield, and Franklin counties as well as State of Ohio employees and their families.

Is CUO Federally Insured?

Yes! Credit Union of Ohio is federally insured by NCUA. Your savings are insured up to at least $250,000 and are backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

What benefits will I, a PDFCU member, see from this partnership?

You'll gain access to additional products, services, and tools to bring increased value to your membership. These include mortgage options, money market accounts, free financial education and coaching services, state-of-the-art mobile and online banking experiences, access to your accounts at over 5,600 credit union branches through the Shared Branching network, and more!

Did my member number change?

Yes. Your member number now has a leading “900” in front of your PDFCU member number. For example, if your member number was 12345, it will now be 90012345.

Will I need to update my Direct Deposit?

Yes. You’ll need to provide your HR / payroll department with your new account information prior to May 31, 2022 to prevent any delays in receiving your payroll deposits. You’ll need to provide your updated account information including your account number and CUO’s routing number, 244077886.

Account Access

Will the Pearl Rd branch remain open?

Yes! We have no plans to close the branch at 5341 Pearl Rd.

Will the Pearl Rd branch hours change?

At this time, the Pearl Rd branch hours will remain the same. The branch will be open 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.

What ATM Network can I use?

Like PDFCU, Credit Union of Ohio is part of the Alliance One ATM Network, so you’ll be able to access all the same ATMs you currently do surcharge-free.

How do I enroll in Online Banking and the Mobile App?

To enroll in our Online Banking, you can either click here or enroll via the Mobile App which you can download from your phone’s app store for free by searching "Credit Union of Ohio Mobile." You will need your Member Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth. From there, you’ll set up a username and password. Online Banking and the Mobile App will use the same username and password.

How do I enroll in Phone Banking?

You can enroll in our Phone Banking by calling 800.331.4811. You’ll be asked for your new member number to begin.

How else can I access my money?

In addition to the Pearl Rd branch, Online Banking, Mobile App, and Phone Banking, you’ll also have access to Credit Union of Ohio’s other branches including the Niles, OH branch located at 804 Warren Ave, Niles, OH 44446. Additionally, you'll have access to your accounts at thousands of other credit union branches across the nation through the Shared Branching network.

Checking & Debit Cards

I did not receive a new debit card, how do I get one?

New CUO debit cards were sent to the address on file for all PDFCU checking account holders prior to May 1. If you did not receive a new card, please call 800.443.5698 to verify your address information and request a new card.

I did not receive new checks for my checking account, how do I get some?

New CUO checks were sent to the address on file for all PDFCU checking account holders prior to May 1. If you did not receive new checks, please call 800.443.5698 to verify your address information and request new checks.

Will I need to update my automatic payments?

Your automatic payments will need to be updated using your new account information in order to avoid any delays. You’ll need to update any automated payments using either your new debit card or your new checking account number which can be found on your new checks and CUO’s routing number, 244077886.

Will I have access to view my checks online?

Checks written from your PDFCU checking account will not be accessible online. Any checks written from your CUO checking account are available to view through Online Banking.

Will I be able to get copies of my PDFCU checks?

Yes! Please call 800.443.5698 or visit your local branch to request copies of your PDFCU checks.

Why did I receive a paper statement when I am signed up for e-statements?

E-statements were temporarily unavailable for all PDFCU April statements. PDFCU members who were enrolled in e-statements will not receive a fee for the April paper statement.

Do I need to re-enroll in e-statements?

No. If you were enrolled in e-statements prior to the partnership, you will still be enrolled.

Will my statements look the same?

You will receive a paper copy of your April statement (which will arrive first week of May) which will look the same that you have always received. Starting in June (May statement), your statements will come from Credit Union of Ohio and will have a different look.

Will I be able to access my past e-statements online?

The previous 12 months of your account statement histrory will become available inside of Online Banking at the end of May.

How does CUO handle Overdrafts?

You can opt-in to ODP by calling us at 800.443.5698 or using our automated service at here. By opting in, each transaction that overdraws your account will incur a fee.

What additional options do I have for Overdraft Protection?

Credit Union of Ohio provides a couple different options to protect our members from overdraft fees. We encourage you to take advantage of any of the following:

  • Credit Card: You can link a CUO credit card to your checking account. Anytime you go over your checking balance, the overage will be added to your CUO credit card balance with no additional fee.
  • Overdraft Line of Credit: Apply for an Overdraft LOC and link it to your checking account to avoid fees.

To apply for and link a CUO credit card or overdraft line of credit to your checking account, please call 800.443.5698.


Will my current loans with PDFCU change?

With the exception of credit cards, your current loans will not be changing with rate or term.

What changes are being made to my credit card?

Your PDFCU credit card will be switched over to a CUO credit card. You will receive additional information about how this change affects you in the coming weeks. At this time you can continue using this credit card.

How can I make my current loan payments?

You can make payments on your current loans through any one of the following options:

  • Visit your local branch
  • Enroll in Automatic Payments through Online Banking
  • Make a transfer through Online Banking, the Mobile App, or over the phone
  • Make a payment through our Online Loan Payment Portal found in the upper right corner of our website
  • Mail your payment to:

    Credit Union of Ohio
    P.O. Box 5005
    Hilliard, OH 43026

What home loans do you offer?

As a CUO member you will have access to a variety of home loans including:

  • Conventional
  • First Time Homebuyer Program
  • FHA, VA, and USDA

We also offer Home Equity and Lines of Credit.

What if my loan is set up with automatic payments?

You’ll need to update your automatic payment at your other financial institution. Please contact the other institution to verify what information you’ll need and update accordingly.

Additional Features

What other features can I take advantage of?

In addition to our savings, checking, and loan options, we have a host of additional features designed to help you with financial success. Below are a few of those features:

  • Online Skip-A-Pay: Using Online Banking or the Mobile App, you can opt to skip one or more loan paymentsfor a month.*
  • Info Alerts: By enrolling in Informational Alerts, you can get real-time notifications via text message on branch closures, scheduled maintenance, and more! Text “Enroll Info” or “Enroll Information” to 800.443.5698 to get started.
  • Financial Coaching: At CUO, your financial success is important to us. That’s why we provide free financial coaching services to all our members. Schedule a one-on-one session to review your credit report and how to maintain or improve your score, as well as tips and suggestions for making your money work harder!
  • Text Communication: We understand you don’t always have the time or desire to speak with someone over the phone. Instead, you can get your questions answered and conduct simple transactions via text! Simply text 800.443.5698 and our team will respond.

For more information and a full list of our additional features, visit or call / text us at 800.443.5698.

*To qualify for deferment, loans must meet the following criteria: has been open for at least 6 months, not delinquent, remaining balance of $200.00 or greater, monthly payment of $100.00 or greater, and loan is not a credit card, line of credit, HELOC, or written-off loan.

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