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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

While the financial world seems to be on a roller coaster ride, your personal finances don’t have to be. Schedule a free appointment with me, Cindy Walker. I’m a financial coach here at Credit Union of Ohio, and there’s nothing I love more than helping our members solve financial problems to improve their financial outlook!

During our appointment I will evaluate your credit report. If there are items you need to do to increase your score, I can help. During this evaluation, I will also look to see what can be done to make any improvements.

Our bottom line is to help YOUR bottom line. If you know your credit score needs some work, I will give you a plan to increase your score so when it is time for that new car, new home, new whatever, you’ll be poised to put your best financial foot forward.

Below are a few success stories from my recent coaching sessions.

Schedule Your Appointment

Believe me, you have nothing to lose when you schedule an appointment with me, and most likely money to gain!

How can I help you with your finances?  Email me at to set up your appointment now. In your email, please let me know your name, phone number and a few available times to chat. Then, sleep a little easier knowing you’re taking the steps to improve your financial outlook!