A Personal note from our CEO


Having a good relationship with your money can be easy, enjoyable and most of all rewarding. It takes someone to teach you and guide you but once you learn the fundamentals, good financial decisions become habit. I hope my story will inspire you to make the very best financial decisions for yourself and your loved ones.


Looking back

I recall one special childhood memory while shopping at Gold Circle in Columbus, I saw the bike of my dreams. It had all the bells and whistles and I knew I had to have it. I asked my parents to buy it for me but we left the store that day without the bike.
My parents knew what an important lesson it was to teach me financial responsibility at a young age. They took out a small signature loan from their local credit union and it was my responsibility to pay it back with allowance money over the next twelve months.
I remember my mother coming home with my new bike and a coupon book outlining my monthly payments. I had to work hard doing chores around the house and saving that money to make the payments each month. At first I wasn’t too happy about having to pay for it, but it taught me the value of money and made me want to take excellent care of my bike because I was paying for it.
Now I reflect back on this time in my life and realize what a benefit the credit union provided our family, providing such a small loan to help me learn to manage money. Having a positive interaction with a credit union at a young age was only the beginning of my long history with credit unions. My mother also had a career working with credit unions and one of her colleagues offered me a part-time job working as a clerk during college.  After 20 years, I am still proud to be working in the business. 
The lesson my parents taught me years ago helped define my life and career. Looking at where I am today, I realize it was one of the best gifts they could have given me.

Looking forward

The gift of financial knowledge and sound financial decision making is one I am dedicated to keep giving. The positive financial philosophy that I learned at an early age has helped mold a unique vision for members at Credit Union of Ohio and the community as a whole.
Credit Union of Ohio makes it a priority to offer free financial education workshops open to the community. And it is not a coincidence that many of our programs are focused on financial literacy for young adults.
We want our current and potential members to know that membership at Credit Union of Ohio means their money stays local and ends up back in our community. We’re here for all members of the community. The best advice I can give is to come and see us to experience how we can change your financial future for the better.
Rich Capuano earned a BS in Accounting and a MBA from Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio) and has attended executive level courses at Wharton, Cornell, and Darden.
To learn more about becoming a Credit Union of Ohio member or to set up a free financial counseling session, call 614.487.6650.